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2017 Chevy Malibu, Available with 9-Speed Automatic Transmission
2017 Chevy Malibu, Available with 9-Speed Automatic Transmission
Chevrolet is debuting its first nine-speed automatic transmission in the new 2017 Chevrolet Malibu. This new, General Motors-developed Hydra-Matic 9T50 transmission is paired with a 2.0L Turbo engine. New advancements in multisided transmissions have been made to optimize efficiency, performance and refinement. The new 2017 Malibu has an EPA-estimated 33 mpg highway rating which is a 3 percent increase over the previous year model with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Unique features of the new 9-speed transmission include a compact design, selectable one-way clutch, active oil management and a new transmission control module. The new 9T50 transmission on-axis design with all gears in line with the crankshaft requires less space than previous propulsion systems. Its use of a selectable one-way clutch which can hold torque or freewheel operating modes also reduces its size by eliminating the need for an additional clutch pack.

“The selectable one-way clutch is one of the biggest enablers of the 9T50’s balance of efficiency and refinement,” said Steve Saia, chief engineer. “It also symbolizes GM’s acumen when it comes to designing advanced, compact multispeed transmissions.”

The 9T50’s electronically controlled hydraulic system delivers the pressure and volume required for various operating temperatures for optimal efficiency. The system utilizes DEXRON®-VI fluid that does not require changing under normal driving conditions. The fluid was developed to have a consistent viscosity profile and deliver consistent shift performance in extreme conditions.

A 32-bit transmission control module (TCM) has been incorporated into this new GM-developed transmission. It delivers control logic to command shifting for smooth and precise ratio changes. The TCM also monitors transmission performance and compensates for normal wear in components such as clutch plates so that performance remains consistent.

“Everything about the new nine-speed is designed to maximize benefits for the customer,” said Steve Majoros, director of Chevrolet Marketing. “It helps offer greater fuel efficiency in the city and on the highway, all with the world-class refinement that makes the drive quiet and smooth.”

Although currently only available on the new 2017 Chevy Malibu, the Hydra-Matic 9T50 will soon be available on the new 2017 Chevy Cruze Diesel and the upcoming 2018 Chevrolet Equinox. If you would like to learn more about new GM and Chevrolet technology and advancements please Contact our Chevrolet Dealership near San Diego, CA.

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