Why Buy a Used Vehicle in Carlsbad, CA

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Reasons You Should Buy a Used Vehicle at Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad

Spend some time looking at new vehicle prices and you know there is not an inexpensive one on the market unless you buy a stripped down, base model without any options or packages. Depending on what you are after, whether a car, truck, minivan, or SUV, even that may not be a possibility. At Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad, you have three tiers of buying used; Certified Pre-Owned, Used and Used under $18k. So, if you live in CarlsbadOceanside, or Vista, and you are in the market for a good used vehicle, you can find a good deal at Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad

Why Buy a Used Vehicle?

New vehicles come with a higher sticker price that can make “new” a harder option for many auto buyers, but with a used vehicle your sticker price is lower. Your payments are lower, and the term of your loan may be shorter, so you can pay it off faster which will help improve your credit if you have had some challenges in the past. Other advantages include less vehicle depreciation, lower insurance costs, lower dealership fees, more ability to buy, and peace of mind.

Lower Depreciation

Unfortunately, depreciation is unavoidable when you buy any vehicle whether new or used, but the amount of depreciation is significantly different. New vehicles will depreciate by about 20% when they leave the lot, and most vehicles will lose another 10% in value through depreciation in the first year you own your vehicle. Used vehicles depreciate much slower because when you sit down behind the wheel of a used vehicle its period of greatest depreciation will have already passed. New cars depreciate the moment you drive off the lot, whereas a used vehicle has slower depreciation, so your loan-to-value ratio is more stable.

Lower Insurance Costs

Insurance will fluctuate according to your age, credit score, driving history, location, credit score and mileage. In essence, the lower the vehicle cost, the lower your insurance cost because insurance cost is based primarily on value. A used vehicle’s value is less than that of a new vehicle, and it follows that insurance cost should also be less. If the used vehicle is older and you can pay cash, you may be able to get away with just getting liability insurance.

More Buying Power

You can buy a higher value vehicle by purchasing used rather than new. For example, buy a new car and ask for special options and packages and you will pay extra over the sales price. With a used, if you shop for a vehicle that has the options you want, then the sales price will already have those options figured into the sticker price. You may be able to afford a used luxury car, where you couldn’t if you purchased it as a new model.

If you want to buy a quality used vehicle, look no further than Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad. Look at our large inventory of CPO vehicles, used vehicles, and used vehicles under $18,000.00 to find the vehicle that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Affordable Used Vehicles at Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad

Many times money is tight, and you need another vehicle, whether it is just an extra vehicle, or you need reliable transportation to get to work. If you need an inexpensive used car to get around or help your new teen driver get better at driving, come by Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad and explore our inventory of used vehicles for under $18,000.00. Whether you live in Carlsbad, Oceanside, or Vista, our friendly sales staff is happy to help you get behind the wheel of a vehicle under $18K.

Expansive Inventory of Used Vehicles Under $18,000

Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad has a large inventory of vehicles under $18,000.00 to save you money and fit into your budget. You can choose from cars, trucks, SUVs, and minivans from a variety of brands and sizes to find just what you need.

Is Pre-Owned Really Better?

Buying used has several benefits to consider. The most direct reason is the lower sticker price compared to new vehicles. When you buy one of these used vehicles, you are paying under $18,000.00 for a vehicle that may see to your immediate needs if your old ride has broken down or if you don’t want to commit a large sum of money to your teenage son or daughter who wants a car.

With new vehicles, you do get low mileage and a manufacturer warranty, but within months of driving a new vehicle off the lot, you can lose thousands on your investments due to rapid depreciation. When you buy a used vehicle, you also save on insurance and sales taxes, because insurance rates are adjusted according to the value of the vehicle in the same way that sales tax is adjusted based on the value of your purchase.

Financing a Used Vehicle

Other benefits of a less expensive auto investment include the availability of financing. Financing may be easier to get if the purchase amount is lower. If you have poor credit or no credit, this can help you get started on a solid credit history so that down the road you may be able to get financing for a new vehicle with improved credit history. If your old vehicle is more trouble than its worth, you can get a trade-in amount for the older vehicle that will improve your chances for financing by decreasing the amount owed.

A bonus for financing for vehicles under $18,000.00 is that not only is your sticker price lower, but are your monthly payments, and the term of the loan will be shorter. New vehicles have terms that can go out for five, six, or even seven years. With lower-priced vehicles, you may be able to have your vehicle paid off in four years or less.

 View the large inventory of used vehicles at Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad. Get started today by applying for financing using our online pre-approval form.