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Chevy Electric vehicles in Carlsbad, CA

EV and Hybrids at Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad

Automotive manufacturers are known for being innovative with their vehicles, focusing on reducing their carbon footprint and improving efficiency. Chevrolet is at the forefront of this innovation, developing alternative fuel models that are good for the environment and practical for buyers. The most popular types of alternative fuel vehicles are the plug-in electric and hybrid models.



Electric (EV)

Unlike a hybrid, an electric model doesn’t have an engine or a fuel tank. This type of vehicle is powered by a battery and electric motor. There are no emissions, which makes it a good choice for the environment.

One of the main benefits of an electric vehicle is that there is little need for maintenance. With no spark plugs, engine, or other components, you don’t need an oil change or other routine services. Your main task will be tire maintenance.

Another advantage is not needing to spend money on fuel as you travel. While you won’t have to stop for gas, you may need to stop to charge if you travel too far for one charge’s range. Most EV models take longer to charge than a regular gasoline fill-up, but technology is improving in that area. Fast-charging stations are being built, which reduces the time it takes.

EV vehicles are more expensive than hybrid models, but they are becoming more affordable.


Hybrid vehicles still have a regular gasoline engine, which powers the vehicle, along with the rest of the components. An electric motor is included, which takes the energy produced and uses it to improve efficiency. This motor works as a generator.

Hybrid vehicles use a process called regenerative braking, which collects energy every time you brake and stores it in the battery. The energy is then released when you push down on the accelerator to go faster. The result is an increase in power without an increase in the amount of fuel being used.

More hybrid vehicles are being produced and sold than any other kind of alternative fuel vehicle. They are the least expensive, which means they are more affordable for the average buyer. You can drive a hybrid model anywhere, which means you don’t need a second vehicle for long trips. You don’t save as much fuel as with other options, and regular CO2 emissions are still released into the environment. They are a good option for a buyer of first-time alternative fuel vehicles.

Plug-In Hybrid

As you might expect, this category combines the other two. The vehicle still uses gasoline, but it includes a battery and electric motor. You have the option of using all-electric for short trips or until you run out of charge, then switching to gasoline. This type of vehicle is ideal for people who travel a lot. They still have the opportunity to save on fuel and cut down on emissions without sacrificing range.



Chevrolet Electric Vehicles

Chevy Bolt EV

This electric vehicle offers an impressive range with no emissions. At the same time, it provides agile performance armed with the latest in safety equipment and technology.

Chevy Bolt EUV

Taking innovation to the next step, this model boasts the first Chevy vehicle to engage Super Cruise. Sit back and relax and let the car take care of the driving on over 200,000 miles of compatible roads. This model will be released for the 2022 model year.

Get rewarded for buying an EV with the California Clean Fuel Reward when you purchase or lease a qualifying model. To find out more about this program and how you can benefit, and to learn more about the Chevy alternative fuel models, visit Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad