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Finance Application with Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad

Imagine how easy it is to get to work in a Chevrolet Silverado or how much fun it can be to cruise down the highway in a Chevy Camaro. To make your driving dreams come true, you’ll need to get the right financing. Here at

Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad, our in-house finance department will help you get the loan you need. We work with customers from CarlsbadOceanside, and Escondido, as well as surrounding communities, to help them find the right loan for their transportation needs.

Why Choose Our Finance Team?

You can apply for a loan at any bank or financial institution, but you’ll appreciate the convenience that Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad provides. Our finance experts have access to numerous loan products, some of which you can only get through a Chevrolet dealership. We’ll help you get a loan that is the right fit for your budget and situation.

Our loans offer competitive rates similar to and often better than what you would find with a bank. We also have flexible terms to make buying a new Chevrolet more affordable. We’ll tell you about other products you may need, such as an extended warranty. We also value your current vehicle, which you can use as a trade-in.

Complete Our Finance Application

We understand that most people don’t want to spend the entire day at the dealership. That’s why we offer an online credit application for pre-approval. This form provides convenience by allowing you to submit it to our finance team even before you visit us to shop for a vehicle.

Just provide some basic information about yourself and submit the form. Our finance team will review it and let you know when you’ve been approved. We’ll also tell you how much you qualify to receive, so you know your budget when you start looking at vehicles.

Once you’ve submitted the application, it will cut down the amount of time for the rest of the process. We’ll know which loan product works for you and complete the paperwork when you find a vehicle that suits your needs. You’ll sign the final paperwork and be on your way in a car, truck, or SUV that is right for you.

Finance a Used Model

Our in-house financing isn’t just for brand-new Chevrolet models. We’ll also help you get approved for a loan if you’re buying a used vehicle. Our team has access to various loan products that cover Chevy models and other brands. Many times, it’s easier to qualify for a used model if this is your first vehicle or you’re working to rebuild your credit.

Our goal is to help you get into a quality vehicle that meets your needs and provides reliable transportation that you can afford. You can give us a call if you have questions, or just fill out our online application to find out what you are pre-approved for and begin shopping for your next vehicle.

Stop by Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad to get started with the finance process so you can get into your new ride.