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Two of the best trucks available in the U.S. are the Chevrolet Silverado and the Ford F-150. These two workhorses are long time rivals with a fan base equally divided right down the middle. If you are comparing affordable new trucks the Chevy Silverado and Ford F-150 must be on your list. The following model comparison is designed to help you identify the similarities and differences between these popular light-duty pickup models.


Both the Silverado and the F-150 are available in three cab body styles. three bed lengths, rear or four-wheel drive and available with V6 or V8 engines. The Silverado is constructed with Chevy’s traditional steel body structure and the F-150 has a newly designed high-strength all-aluminum body.


The Ford F-150’s electric power steering is light and quick to respond. An isolated ride and quiet cabin make for a comfortable ride. The Chevy Silverado is comparable with a well-tuned ride and responsive handling. Both truck models are available with multiple engine options that deliver between 282 – 420 horsepower. Engine comparisons are:


  • 4.3-liter V6 Direct Injection – 285 hp @ 5300 rpm – 305 @ 3900 rpm torque
  • 5.3-liter V8 Direct Injection – 355 hp @ 5600 rpm – 383 @ 4100 rpm torque
  • 6.2-liter V8 Direct Injection – 420 hp @ 5600 rpm – 460 @ 4100 rpm torque


  • 3.6-liter V6 Sequential Multi-Port – 282 hp @ 6250 rpm – 253 @ 4250 rpm torque
  • 5.0-liter V8 Sequential Multi-Port – 385 hp @ 5750 rpm – 387 @ 3850 rpm torque
  • 2.7-liter V6 Turbocharged Direct Injection- 282 hp @ 6250 rpm – 253 @ 4250 rpm torque
  • 3.5-liter V6 Turbocharged Direct Injection- 365 hp @ 5000 rpm – 420 @ 2500 rpm torque


Both the Silverado and F-150 have innovative features to make work or play more enjoyable. The Silverado has corner steps on the rear bumper and hand-grabs at the rear stake mount to make climbing into the cargo bed easier. The F-150 has an optional tailgate step that requires a some folding and unfolding from inside the tailgate but this feature is equally helpful for cargo bed access. Both pickups offer optional front tow hooks for vehicle recovery and frame-mounted trailer hitch receivers for efficient towing.


The Ford F-150 is equipped with Ford’s signature Sync 3 system with Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, satellite radio and voice controls. The Silverado is equipped with Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system also providing Bluetooth connectivity and navigation features. One difference between these systems is the Chevy MyLink system is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ready while Ford’s Sync 3 will require future updates to utilize these features.


Pricing for the Ford F-150 and the Chevrolet Silverado is determined by multiple trim and engine options. The base price for Chevrolet’s regular cab, standard box Silverado with the 4.3-liter V-6 engine starts around $28,000. Base price for the Ford F-150 regular cab, short bed 3.6-liter V-6 engine starts around $27,000. Both models can be configured to meet the needs of any work or leisure requirements and can be enhanced with upscale interior comfort features.

For more information about the Chevrolet Silverado and how it compares to other pickup trucks please Contact Us. We are happy to answer your questions and arrange a test drive.

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