Windshield Wiper Service and Replacement in Carlsbad, CA

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Windshield Wiper Service and Replacement at Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad

Windshield wiper blades may seem like a small component of your vehicle, but they are a valuable part of your safety system. Wipers keep your windshield clean and clear, so you can see where you are going and spot potential hazards. Proper servicing and replacing worn blades can keep your forward view clear so you can arrive safely at your destination.

Warning Signs of Repairs Needed

Wiper blades may need replacing every six to twelve months, although some may last for years, depending on blade material and where you live. Sometimes, it’s evident that your wiper blades need to be replaced. But if it’s not, there are some warning signs to look for that can let you know they need attention.
• Squeaking noise: Squeaking during operation may hint that your blades need to be cleaned or replaced.
• Chattering noise: Vibration occurring as the wipers operate could be signs of dried and cracking blades.
• Streaking: Blades that leave streaks on the glass may need to be serviced or replaced.
• Excess water: Patches of standing water are left behind with each pass; this indicates that the blade is no longer keeping contact with the glass surface.
It is essential to change your wiper blades regularly, even if they are not yet showing any of these signs.

Factors that Affect the Life of Your Wiper Blades

Components like rubber and silicon are used in the making of wiper blades. These components are used for their flexibility, not their durability. Naturally, they will dry out, and the chemical compounds will break down. Various other factors can shorten the lifespan of your blades, requiring more frequent service and replacement:

• Overuse: If you use your wipers constantly due to weather or cleaning the dust from a dirt road, you will need to replace the blades more frequently.
• Extreme Weather: Regions with extreme weather patterns can affect the life of your blades. Heavy rain, harsh winters, or scorching heat can break down the components in your blades more rapidly.
• Direct Sunlight: The sun itself or its UV rays can break down the compounds in your wiper blades.

Extending the Life of Your Blades

Taking a few extra steps can help increase the lifespan of your windshield wipers.
• Whenever possible, park in areas with a lot of shade or a garage.
• Cleaning your windshield daily can prevent debris from building up that can damage your wiper blades. Your local gas stations have free-use windshield cleaning tools.
• Wipe down the blades with rubbing alcohol occasionally to keep small particles from wearing down the blade.
• The blades need to be lubricated to stay flexible and glide evenly. Water is a simple lubricant for your blades.

Windshield Wiper Service at Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad

The service department at Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad is ready to help you when servicing your windshield wipers. Our team can quickly inspect and install new wiper blades for you. If you are the do-it-yourself type, we are here to help with a full line of premium quality windshield wiper blades for your car, truck, or SUV.

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