Spark Plug Service and Replacement in Carlsbad, CA

Close up view of car spark plugs

Spark Plug Service and Replacement at Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad

Premier Chevrolet of Carlsbad has the professionals and the know-how to keep your spark plugs running in tip-top condition. Always keep in mind that engines are very complex machines with many moving parts that must work together perfectly for your engine to function properly. One thing goes wrong and several more issues could arise. One of the main parts of your engine is the ignition, and the most important part of the ignition is the spark plugs. Spark plugs oversee igniting the fuel-air mixture in your engine which will ultimately give you the power to travel down the road. Are you in or near CarlsbadEscondido, or Encinitas areas and think your spark plugs are overdue for service? Call, click or come on down to our service center today, and we will get your engine back to working as it should.

Things to Keep in Mind When Getting Spark Plugs Serviced

Sometimes getting your spark plugs serviced can lead to additional costs. For example, sometimes the entire intake manifold must be removed before technicians can even get to the spark plugs. This can add additional costs to your service visit. Sometimes ignition coils will need to be replaced along with the spark plugs which again adds to the cost. Issues with the ignition system could be the result of a leaking valve cover gasket that causes oil to spill on the spark plugs, coils, or wires causing additional issues. If this has happened, then you will need to get the valve cover gaskets replaced along with spark plugs and ignition coils which will also be pricier.

How Often Should You Replace Your Spark Plugs

Check your owner’s manual to see how often they suggest that you get your spark plugs replaced. It is very important that you stick to that schedule, even if you don’t seem to be having problems with your spark plugs. It is usually recommended that you get your spark plugs checked between 30,000, 60,000 or 100,000 miles depending on the make and model of your vehicle. Spark plugs can sometimes seem to be running fine while causing damage that can otherwise go unnoticed. Other signs that your spark plugs may need to be serviced or replaced are as follows:

  • Your fuel economy starts to suffer and there are no outward signs as to why
  • Starting your vehicle becomes more and more difficult
  • Your engine shakes or rattles while idling
  • You get engine alerts on your dash during acceleration
  • Misfire codes pop up on your dash while driving

Safety Concerns While Driving With Damaged Spark Plugs

It isn’t inherently dangerous to drive with malfunctioning spark plugs. However, there are several issues that can arise if you ignore the health of your spark plugs. Your vehicle’s speed and fuel efficiency can be affected if your spark plugs are not working properly. It can also cause severe damage to your catalytic converter if your engine is constantly misfiring due to faulty spark plugs. Although it is not extremely dangerous to drive with spark plugs that are having issues, it is always a good idea to stay on top of their health to avoid major problems with your engine in the future.

 Feel free to schedule an appointment online if you are having issues that you think may be related to your vehicle’s spark plugs. Or simply come on in and one of our service pros will get your vehicle fixed up and properly serviced right away.